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Corporate Members

The corporate membership of Eucomed consists of medical device manufacturers based in Europe and consists of the following corporations:

  • Biomedical electrodes
  • Casting and splinting
  • Consumer healthcare products: adhesive bandages, first aid tapes, cold and hot therapy products, self-adhering wraps, dressings and wound closures, protective masks, facial and body sponges and antacids
  • Electrosurgery patient plates
  • Single use clinical thermometers
  • Skin care products
  • Sterilisation assurance products
  • Stethoscopes and stethoscope accessories
  • Surgical clippers
  • Surgical drapes
  • Surgical gowns
  • Surgical masks and repirators
  • Surgical tapes
  • Wound closure products: adhesive skin closures, disposable skin staplers and staple removers.
  • Dilators
  • Drug-eluting stents
  • Polymer coated stents
  • Self-expanding biliary stent system
  • Stent graft
  • Clinical chemistry analyzers
  • Modular analyzers
  • Enteral feeding pumps, tubes and devices
  • PTCA guidewires
  • Automated analysers
  • Automated immunoassay analyzers
  • Automated hematoloy analyzers
  • Automated benchtop analyzer for immunoassay testing
  • Hand-held analysers
  • Hand-held, point-of-care blood glucose testing system
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • All-in-one blood glucose meter, diabetes manager and personal digital assistant
  • Thoracolumbar screw, hook and rod system
  • Thoracolumber spinal fixation system
  • Synthetic bone void filler
  • Allograft (donor bone) spacers
  • Alloy spacer
  • Minimally invasive pedicle screw system
  • Cable fixation system
  • Hemostasis pad (patch)
  • Self-contained test strips
  • Peripheral embolic protection device
  • Catheters
  • Balloon catheter system
  • Medical-grade tissue adhesive
  • Suture-mediated vessel closure device
  • Minimally invasive devices that automate the surgical closure of blood vessels
  • Cataract surgery: monofocal intraocular lenses (IOL), pharmacoemulsification system, viscoelastics, capsular tension rings, IOL delivery systems
  • Eyecare products: contact lense lubricants; multipurpose solutions; peroxide systems, preservative free RGP solutions
  • Glaucoma products: Glaucoma implant (glaucoma shunting device)
  • Refractive surgical: multifocal IOL; microkeratomes; viscoelastics; laser correction
  • Advanced Wound Therapeutics is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative healing solutions, including negative pressure wound therapy, negative pressure surgical management and epidermal harvesting. The business segment works across the wound care continuum in both the hospital and community settings, specializing in advanced devices and advanced wound dressings.
  • Regenerative Medicine is focused on the development and commercialization of regenerative and reconstructive acellular tissue matrices for use in general and reconstructive surgical procedures to repair soft tissue defects, as well as autologous fat grafting solutions.
  • Cataract surgical equipment
  • Vitreoretinal surgical equipment
  • Refractive surgical equipment
  • Laser surgery equipment
  • Intraocular lenses (IOL)
  • Viscoelastics
  • Ultrasound imaging equipment
  • Irrigating solutions
  • Incisional instruments
  • Closure systems
  • Contact Lens Care Products.
  • Angiographic Catheters
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Balloon Catheters
  • Drug Eluting Stents (DES)
  • Bare Metal Stents (BMS)
  • Guidewires
  • Professional healthcare gloves: surgical (powder-free, synthetic, speciality), exam (powder-free, powdered, synthetic)
  • Occupational healthcare gloves: critical environment, chemical resistant, cut resistant, general purpose, special purpose, disposable
  • Powdered gloves
  • Aprons, and sleeves
  • Condoms and sexual healthcare products.
  • Diabetes Care Products: , insulin pens and pen needles, lancets, diabetes accessories, insulin syringes
  • Venipuncture: syringes and needles, general use syringes and needles, catheters, surgical blades, handles and scalpels
  • Anesthesia needles
  • Safety-engineered Products: epicranic needles, I.V. Catheters, Closed System I.V. Catheters
  • Wound Care
  • Incontinence Products: diaper and pants
  • Baby Care Products
  • Anaesthesia: IV and patient monitoring systems, spinal needles
  • Cardiac and thoracic surgery: motor and retraction systems, atraumatic vascular clamps, instruments for coronary surgery, surgical instrumentation for open, minimally invasive and interventional therapies
  • Cardiology: angiography procedure kits, PTCA balloon dilation catheter and accessories, stents, vena cava filters
  • Dental: surgical, diagnostics, endodontics, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, preservation and prosthetics products
  • Diabetic care: blood glucose measurement, insulin needles/syringes, pens and pen needles;
  • ENT instruments
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics: diagnosis and treatment products
  • Hygene: wound therapeutics, disinfection/cleansing, disposal, gloves and protective clothes, topical irrigation products
  • Intensive care: acute dyalisis, admixture/application of cytostatics, apheresis, clinical nutrition, customized workstations, infusion pumps/therapy, patient monitoring, transfusion, urine measurement and drainage, venipuncture, volume replacement therapy
  • Nephrology: apheresis, dialysis, intra and postoperative irrigation
  • Neurosurgery: instruments, refixation of cranial bone flaps, disposables / consumable materials, external venticular drainage, shunt system for treatment of hydrocephalus, neuroendoscopy, ICP monitoring, aneurysm clip systems
  • Oncology: drug/nutrition delivery
  • Orthopaedics: arthrobiologics, hip screw system, hip arthroplasty, knee arthroplasty, intramedular nail system, holding system for orthopaedics
  • Paediatric surgery: bipolar dissecting scissors, retraction system
  • Pharmacy: infusion solutions/systems, injection solutions
  • Radiology: angiography procedure kits, stents to treat peripheral vascular occlussions, vena cava filters
  • Spine surgery: anterior stabilisation, cervical spine surgery, disc surgery, intervertebral systems, posterior stabilisation
  • Urology: intra and postoperative irrigation, topical irrigation
  • Vascular surgery: interventional and surgical product systems for diagnosis and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, stents and balloon catheters
  • Homecare: aspiration and oxygen systems, continence care, diabetic care, disinfection and hygene, dressings and wound care, infusion care, injection and venipuncture, medical technology and pain therapy, nutrition care, stome care.
  • Contact lenses
  • Lens care products
  • Pharmaceuticals treating a wide range of eye conditions including glaucoma, eye allergies, conjunctivitis, dry eye and retinal diseases
  • Cataract and vitreoretinal surgery suite of products (intraocular lenses and delivery systems)
  • Refractive surgery products.
  • Transfusion Therapies: manual collection systems, leukocyte reduction, apherisis systems, pathogen inactivation
  • BioScience: albumin therapy, immune support, surgical hemostasis and tissue sealing, plasma, recombinants products, wound treatment, vaccines
  • Medication Delivery: access systems (IV administration sets and vein access products), anesthesia and critical care (IV anesthesiaa pumps, spinal and epidural regional anesthesia trays, airway management products, injectable anesthetic and critical care products), electronic infusion systems (infusion pumps) intravenous therapy (solutions, sets, infusion pumps, peripheral catheters), perenteral nutrition (electronic and single use pumps)
  • Renal therapy: peritonial dialysis, haemodialysis.
  • Microbiology Products: adapters and tubing; microbiology testing, blood culture, collection and transport, direct testing and serology, environmental systems, identification and susceptibility, dehydrated culture media, prepared media, stains and reagents, microbiology equipment and supplies, equipment and supplies, molecular diagnostics, mycobacteria testing
  • Laboratory Products: cytokines and media additive, extracellular matrix proteins, labware, assay plates and HTS systems, cell cultureware, containers, centrifuge and test tubes, filtration units, petri dishes, pipets and pipetters, serum separators
  • Home Care Products: hosiery, sports medicine, exam gloves, thermometers;
  • Diabetes Care Products: alcohol swabs, blood glucose monitoring, diabetes accessories, insulin syringes, insulin pens and pen needles, lancets
  • OEM Items: syringes and needles, anesthesia needles and accessories, anesthesia syringes, radiology needles, radiology accessories, general use syringes and needles, general safety syringe and needles, adapters, catheters, surgical blades, handles and scalpels
  • Safety-engineered Injection Products: injection systems, allergy syringes with needles, general use syringes, general use syringes with needles, hypodermic needles, insulin syringes with needles, tuberculin syringes with needles, needleless systems, interlink® system, needleless adapters
  • Safety-engineered Blood Collection: lancets; capillary blood collection, venous blood collection tubes, venous blood collection, adapters and holders, collection sets, sample needles
  • Safety-engineered Infusion Therapy: introducers; I.V. catheters; I.V. flush syringes
  • Other Safety-engineered Products: blood sampling systems, ophthalmology, surgical blades, handles and scalpels, sharps collectors
  • Critical Care Products: blood sampling systems; cardiac output injectate kits and cables, cardiac cath lab accessories, central venous catheters; disposable domes and kits, fluid administration products; percutaneous sheath introducers; pressure accessories and cables; pressure transducers, pulmonary artery catheters
  • Infusion Therapy Products: I.V. flush syringes, I.V. site maintenance, I.V. products, extended dwell catheters, I.V. adapters, I.V. catheters, stopcocks, infusion sets, needleless systems, interlink®, system, needleless adapters
  • Specimen Management Products: lancets, blood collection, venous blood collection tubes, capillary blood collection, sample needles and collection sets, sharps collectors, urine collection
  • Ophthalmology Products: microkeratome products, ophthalmology, specialty blades
  • Surgical Products: adapters and tubing, antimicrobial soaps and scrubs, leVEEN shunt, sharps collectors, specialty blades, surgical blades, handles and scalpels, surgical accessories
  • Injection Products: alcohol swabs, sharps collectors, syringes, general use syringes, I.V. flush syringes, oral syringes, needles, biopsy needles, general use needles, pharmacy needles, radiology needles, specialty needles, syringes with attached needles, allergy syringes, anesthesia needles, syringes, kits, general use syringes With needles, insulin syringes, insulin pens and pen needles, tuberculin syringes, needleless systems, interlink®, system, needleless adapters, syringe accessories and parts
  • systems for hemodialysis
  • systems for extracorporeal blood purification

“As a global organization dedicated to improving the well-being of others, our commitments to our patients, our communities and the world at large go beyond simply discovery and delivering important treatment advances.

  • We are committed to ensuring that all patients can access the therapies we develop, and we provide hundreds of millions of dollars in free medicines, while continuously expanding our patient access and support programs. In 2014, with Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB, we announced our intent to donate up to one billion international units of clotting factor therapy for humanitarian aid programs in the developing world.
  • We are committed to improving the scientific literacy of students through STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. Our Biogen Idec Foundation is creating initiatives globally to reach the youngest learnings all the way up to those pursuing careers in life sciences.
  • We are committed to environmental sustainability. Biogen Idec is the second most sustainable company as ranked on the Global 100 Index and is the only biotechnology company listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.
  • We are committed to diversity and equality in our workplaces and our community. Over the past several years, Biogen Idec has made significant advancements in supporting a diverse workforce and promoting a more inclusive culture. In 2013, we achieved a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index, which also named us one of its Best Places to Work.
  • Joint replacement: hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, hand foot
  • Trauma surgery: intra-medullary nails, internal fixation, external fixation, bone growth stimulator
  • Spine surgery: spinal implants, fixation systems, fusion stimulator, vertebroplasty
  • Biomaterials: anti-adhesion, blood derivates, bone substitutes, haemostatic with antibiotic protection, local antibiotic carrier, woundhealing
  • Pacemakers
  • ICDs
  • Pacemaker leads
  • ICD leads
  • Epicardial leads
  • Cardiac resynchronisation devices, leads and accessories
  • External devices
  • Home monitoring
  • Guide wires
  • Balloon catheters
  • Stent systems
  • Electrophysiology: catheters, equipment (heart stimulator)
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology: Accessories, catheters, ultrasound, electrical systems, introducers
  • Coronary intervention: atherectomy, balloons, distal protection, fluid management, ultrasound, catheters, cutting balloon, guidewires, stents
  • Endoscopy: enteral feeding, GI dilation, pulmonary, RX biliary system, GI stents, hemostasis, reflux disease, tissue acquisition
  • Neuro/peripheral interventions: ballons, catheters, guidewires, retrieval, coils, embolics, stent
  • Peripheral Vascular Interventions: accessories, atherectomy, guidewires, stents, balloons, catheters, ultrasound
  • Radiology and Oncology: ablation, accessories, embolics, guidewires, biopsy, catheters, venous access
  • Urology: ablation, biopsy, electrical systems, guidewire, retrieval, stents, catheters, dilatation, incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction, nephrostomy products
  • Vascular surgery: balloons, grafts, guidewires, patches/fabrics
  • Medical and surgical supplies: cleansers/soaps/lotions, cotton and rayon balls, dental, dyalisis, dispensers and brackets, drains (abdominal, wound), enemas, enteral feeding, exam room supplies, eye pads, shield and dressings, hot and cold therapy, nursing supplies, OB/GYN, ostomy, paper, positioners and protectors, procedure trays, rectal drainage, restraints, skin grafting, skin prep, surgical (bags, basins, buckets, clips and appliers, sponges, staplers), sutures, thoracic drainage, tongue blades, training and instructional material, transfusion, urological, wound care
  • Obstetrics: circumcision, delivery supplies, monitoring supplies, procedure trays (OB infant), umbilical catheters/clamps
  • Orthopaedics: casting supplies, cervical collars, fracture braces, prosthetic devices, shoes, slings, splints and supports, tapes, traction
  • Physical therapy: electrotherapy/ultrasound, hot/cold therapy, iontophoresis, paraffin baths
  • Radiology: barium products, biopsy supplies, cassettes screens and grids, cath lab supplies, catheters and guides, contrast media, darkroom accessories, film, film containers/magazines, mailers jackets and inserts, MRI equipment and accessories, procedure needles, procedure supplies, procedure trays and packs, processing chemicals, protective apparel, syringes,; tables and stretchers, ultrasound equipment and accessories, ultrasound supplies, viewing devices and markers
  • Rehabilitation: aquatic therapy equipment, bathroom and shower aids, bicycles and accessories, crutches and accessories, daily aids, dressing aids, evaluation, exercise equipment, grooming accessories, lifts, mats, mobility equipment, pediatric seating and positioning, protective equipment, speech assessment and information, speech supplies, tables, toileting aid, toys and games, walkers and canes, weights and accessories, wheelchairs and accessories, whirlpool supplies, whirlpools and accessories, writing/typing aids Surgical drapes/packs
  • RT and anesthesia: adapters, connectors and fittings, airways: nasal, airways: oral, airways: specialty, ambulance sets and supplies (resuscitators), assemblies, bags, BIPAP/CPAP machines and accessories, blenders and mixers, blood gas collection, blood gas monitoring, canisters, capnometer, circuits, compressors, constant flow devices, delivery systems, drains, drug delivery, endotracheal tube accessories, epidural/spinal/caudal supplies, equipment manuals, exercisers, filters, flowmeters, gauges, general, heaters, humidifiers, inhalation/suctioning fluids, IPPB therapy, laryngoscopes, manifolds, manometers, mouthpieces, nebulizers, noseclips, oximeter, oxygen administration, peak flow meters, respirometers, spirometers, suction machines, containers and supplies, supplies and accessories, trach care, tubes: endotracheal, tubes: tracheostomy, tubing, ventilator circuits, ventilators
  • Medical equipment and furniture: audiometry instruments and supplies, bathing systems and accessories, beds and cribs, biomedical, blood pressure, blood warming, cabinets, cardiac monitoring, carrying cases, carts, equipment holders, equipment parts and accessories, exam instruments, exam room supplies, fiberoptic equipment and supplies, imprinters and embossers, laser accessories, lighting, mattresses and air therapy, modular furniture, monitoring systems and accessories, office furniture, optometry supplies, patient room furniture, privacy screens and accessories, pumps, scales and accessories, sinks, stands, stools and chairs, stretchers and accessories, tables, tanks, temperature monitors/thermometers, trays
  • Patient care items: admissions kits, decubitus management, diabetes supplies, Edema control and scar management, ID bands, incontinence supplies, maternity and baby care, pads and wipes, patient belongings bags, patient education, patient identification, patient utensils, pediatrics supplies, personal hygiene, prophylactics, specialty kits, supports
  • Pharmacy: containers, drugs, equipment, general supplies, infusers, inhalants and sprays, IV sets and supplies, medication dispensing, needle and syringe accessories, needles, syringes, unit dose supplies
  • Safety: sharps/biomedical/waste disposal
  • Specimen collection: blood collection/phlebotomy, sputum containers, transport systems, urine collection kits, urine/fecal containers
  • Surgery instruments and equipment: arthroscopic, cardiovascular (cannula, catheters, forceps, introducer sheaths, clamp insert), cardiovascular implants, cases and trays, colposcopy, ear/nose/throat, electrocautery, endoscopy, fiberoptic equipment and supplies, general use, irrigation, laparoscopy, lasers, neurological, neurosurgery, neurosurgical implants, non-orthopedic implants, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, ophthalmology, OR power equipment and accessories, OR video equipment and supplies, orthopedic, orthopedic implants, plastic surgery, plastic surgery implants, urology
  • Blood system for platelets and plasma
  • Cochlear implant systems
  • Bone conduction implants
  • Electroacoustic implants
  • Sound processors
  • Accessories, including fitting and diagnostic software and surgical tools
  • Facial prosthetic retention systems
  • Ostomy care: ostomy bags, baseplates and accessories
  • Continence care: catheters, urisheaths, collecting bags, drip collectors, pads, anal plugs, urine bags
  • Breast care: external breast forms
  • Wound care: Wound dressings
  • Skin healthcare: waterless bathing systems, cleansers, moisturizers, skin protectants for incontinence
  • Ostomy: protective barrier wipe, adhesive remover wipe, stomahesive paste, powder, strips, seals, skin barrier, curved tail closures, ostomy appliance belt, skin barrier with flange, skin barrier with precut openings, disposable inserts, drainable pouch, closed end pouch, mini-pouch, flange cap with filter, urostomy pouch with tap with valve, night drainage container set, night drainage container tubing, flexible skin barrier with flange with tape collar and drainage pouch, colostomy/ileostomy postoperative system sterile, loop ostomy system, ostomy rod, colostomy/ileostomy postoperative kit, disposable convex inserts, irrigator with stoma cone, irrigation sleave, stoma cone, irrigation sleave tail closure, irigation adapter adapter faceplate, irrigation starter set
  • Pediatric care products: flexible skin barrier, closed-end pouch, urostomy pouch, cut-to-fit drainable pouch with skin barrier and no tape collar, custom urostomy pouch with skin barrier and no tape collar
  • Continence care and speciality products: anchoring device, fistula and wound pouch
  • Skin care products: patient bathing, perineal/skin cleansers, skin protectants/moisture barriers, antifungals, dispensers
  • Wound care products: wound cleanser, sponge, hydroactive sterile gel, dermal wound dressing gel with alginate, sterile dressing, high compression bandage, absorbant padding, elastic una boot, venous ulcer convenience pack, tubular bandage applicators
  • Critical Care (Anesthesiology, emergency medicine, general surgery, infectious disease and infection control, interventional critical care/pulmonary medicine, otorhinolaryngology, pediatric and neonatal critical care medicine, pediatric surgery, surgical oncology, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, trauma): arndt endobronchial bloker, difficult airway (catheters/catheter sets), central venous catheters, arterial catheters, catheter introducers, rapiscope, percutaneous tracheostomy, needles, wire guides, centesis and drainage, intraosseous infusion needles, products for surgery, dyalisis, peel-away introducers, tissue engineering products, cholangiography, CBDE and related products, products for surgery, umbilical artery catheters, perentaral nutrition, pediatric surgery, left arterial pressure monitoring
  • Diagnostic and interventional: airway management, angioplasty, breast lesion localisation/OB/GYN, catheters, dilators, embolisation and occlusion, gastroenterology, infusion cathters and sets, interventional cardiology, intravascular retrieval, introducers, needles, neurosurgery, percutaneous drainage, pneumothorax, radiation oncology, stopcocks, adapters, connecting tubes, transjugular liver access sets and transjugular liver and renal biopsy sets, vena cava filters, venous access, wire guides
  • Endoscopy: biliary/pancreatic products (balloon and graduated dilators, cytology devices, ERCP catheters, manometry devices, nasal drainage catheters, sphincterotomes, stents, wire guides), esophageal/gastric/colonic products (cytology devices, decompression tubes, dilators, endoscopic clipping device, endoscopic suturing device, external accessory devices, forceps, ligators/probes/tamponade, motllity devices, needles snares and polyp retrievers, stents, ultrasound needles), enteral/gastrostomy products (feeding tube, gastrostomy tubes, low profile device), disposable biopsy forceps, cliac plexus neurolysis needle, disposable varices injectors, needle wire, drainage sets, photodynamic therapy balloon, active cords, endoscopic cleaning brush
  • Ob/Gyn: catheters and sets (urogynecology, hysterosalpingography, sonohysterography, insemination ad accessories, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, perinatology), surgucal specialities (uretral illuminating catheter sets, endoscopic cyst aspirator set, endoscopic curved needle drivers, endoscopic intrducer/extractor, uterine manipulator/injector, endoscopic injection needles, syring assist device, biopsy forceps, retrieval forceps, knot pusehr, grasping forceps, bipolar forceps, laparoscopic port closure needle, ball/diamond tip electrode, tubal lumen support, silicone pezzer drains, balloon uterine stents, hysteroscopic polyp snares), connecting tubes and fittings (aspiration connecting tubes, side-arm adaptor, baggish injection tubes, endoscopic caps, disposable adaptors, disposable stopcocks), accessories (aspiration handle, biopsy needle depth marker, catheters tip punch, dual check valves)
  • Surgical: cholangiography (guided cholangiography sets, cholangiography catheter sets, endoscopic cholangiography set), common bile duct exploration and related products (duct exploration set, cholangiography sets, laparoscopic endobiliary stent set, balloon angioplasty catheters, cystic duct introducer sets, biliary wire guides, laparoscopic introducer set, tipless stone extractor, sheath needle, 3 way multipurpose adapter, wire guide), dialysis (dialysis catheters and set -one/two cuff- stiffining stylets for acute and chronic peritoneal dialysis cathters, double lumen hemodialysis catheters trays/sets, acute peritoneal dialysis sets and trays), general surgery (esophageal dilator sets, enteral feeding, surgical tissue pouches, liver retactors), perenteral nutrition (catheters sets, and trays -single/double/triple lumen- catheter repair sts, catheter tunnelers, inserted central venous catheters sets and trays), pediatric surgery (soft tissue grafts, hernia repair grafts, esophageal dilator sets, catheters, sets and trays, double lumen hemodialysis catheter trays), tissue engineering products (hernia repair grafts, soft tissue grafts, inguinal hernia matrix
  • Vascular: complete lead extraction system; (superior approach components, femoral approach components, peel-away introducer), vascular access systems, flow monitoring system
  • Neurological: ventricular drainage catheters, shapeable doppler flow monitoring system, trigeminal ganlion micompression sets, mini compression balloon catheters
  • Ablation Catheters
  • Acellular Collagen Matrix
  • Allograft Tissue
  • Angiography Catheters, Guidewires and Accessories
  • Angioplasty Balloons
  • Balloon Expandable Stents
  • Biliary Devices
  • Bone Biopsy Products
  • Brachytherapy Training and Services
  • Carotid Shunts
  • Catheter and Port Accessories
  • Central Venous Catheters and Implanted Ports
  • Coagulating Resector
  • Collagen Implant
  • Core Tissue Biopsy Products
  • Cutting Loops
  • Diagnostic Electrode Catheters
  • Dilation Balloons
  • Drainage Catheters
  • Electrophysiology Lab Systems and Accessories
  • Endoscopic Suturing Devices
  • Epidural Catheters
  • ePTFE and Polyurethane Vascular Access Grafts
  • ePTFE Fabrics
  • ePTFE Felts
  • ePTFE Patches
  • ePTFE Peripheral Bypass Vascular Grafts
  • ePTFE Pledgets
  • Express Seeding Cartridges
  • Foley Catheters and Trays, including Anti-Infective Urinary Catheter Systems, Specialty
  • Foley Catheters, Urine Collection Devices, Continence Products
  • Gastroenterology Accessories
  • Guidewires
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Hemodialysis Catheters
  • Hemostasis Devices
  • Hemostasis Products
  • Hernia Repair / Reconstructive Surgery Prosthetics
  • Metal Stents
  • Nasogastric Sump Tubes
  • Orthopaedic Autotransfusion
  • Orthopaedic Pulsed Lavage and Pulsed Lavage for Wound Management
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Percutaneous Enteral Feeding Devices
  • Performance Irrigation Systems including Laparoscopic Irrigation, arthroscopic Distension
  • Hysteroscopic Distension and Fluid Management
  • PICCs and Midline Catheters
  • Polyester Vascular Grafts
  • Polyester Vascular Patches
  • Portable Ultrasound Systems for Venous Access
  • Pouches
  • Prostate Biopsy Instruments
  • Pulmonary Accessories
  • Radioactive Seed Implants
  • Rollerbars
  • Seed Implant Needles
  • Self Expandable Stents
  • Sizers
  • Skin and Wound Care Products
  • Stone Baskets
  • Suction Catheters
  • Tapes
  • Temporary Pacing Electrodes
  • Tension-Free Urethral Support System
  • Tunnelers
  • Ureteral Drainage
  • Ureteral Stents
  • Urologist Trays and Dilators
  • Vascular Accessories
  • Vascular Probes
  • Vena Cava Filters

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGM)

  • Foot & Ankle Braces
  • Walking Braces
  • Upper Extremity Braces
  • Knee Braces
  • Electrotherapy Equipments
  • Ultrasound Therapy Equipments
  • Laser Therapy Equipments
  • Diathermy Equipments
  • Electrodes/Accessories
  • Fluidotherapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Cold Therapy
  • Continuous Passive Motion
  • Compression Therapy
  • Patient Lifts
  • Therapeutic Exercisers
  • Treatment Tables
  • Traction Therapy
  • Electrostimulators
  • Bone Growth Stimulators
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Iontophoresis
  • Hip, Knee and Shoulder Implants
  • Annuloplasty rings, annuloplasty system, accessories (Mitral annuloplasty sizers, tricuspid annuloplasty sizers, accessory organisation tray, reusable handle, single use handle)
  • Atraumatic occlusion: disposable spring clips, handleless clamps, spring clips, atraumatic inserts, insert sets, occlusion catheters
  • Cannulae (aortic perfusion cannulae, femoral cannulae, pediatric cannulae, retrograde cardioplegia cannulae, venous return cannulae, speciality cannulae, vacuum assist venous return cannulae), accessories (vent plugs, vascular torniquets, guidewires, optical components;
  • Cardiac surgery: antegrade aortic root catheters, blood management and monitoring (vent catheters, suction wands, blower/mister, shunts), cardioplegia accessories and sets (delivery sets, monitoring and infusion sets, kits)
  • Carotid shunts, balloon shunts
  • CO2 laser revascularisation: co2 heart laser
  • Central venous access: central venous oximetry catheter, vantex catheter, AVA high flow device, AVA 3Xi device, central venous catheter, introducers
  • Clot management: embolectomy catheters (arterial, thru-lumen, latex free), adherent clot catheters, graft thrombectomy catheters, venous thrombectomy catheters, clot removal system, irrigation catheters
  • Embolic management: intra-aortic management system
  • General surgery: biliary balloon probes, cholangiography catheters, laparoscopic cholangiography catheter, cholangiography kits, irrigation catheters, blood management and monitoring
  • Heart valves: bioprosthetic valves (aortic, pericardial, low pressure porcine mitral, aortic and mitral porcine, valved conduit, stentless), pericardial patch
  • Hemodynamic monitoring: catheters, closed injectate delivery system, paceport catheter;
  • Stents: biliary stent
  • Pressure monitoring: disposable pressure transducer, venous arterial blood management protection system
  • PTFE grafts
  • Visualisation: valvulotome, irrigation pump and accessories, single-use angioscopes, side branch occlusion system
  • Hemodyalisis products: Machines for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration, acute dialysis and plasmafiltration, low-flux dialyzers, high-flux dialyzers, hemofilters for acute and chronic renal replacement therapy, plasmafilters; dialysis fluid filters, blood lines, dialysis cannulae, dialysis fluids, dialysis concentrates (liquid, dry), hemofiltration solutions, irrigations solutions, disinfectants, water treatment systems, analysis devices, data management systems
  • Peritoneal dialysis products: Machines and tubing systems for Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD), peritoneal dialysis solutions, CAPD systems, CAPD double bag systems, peritoneal dialysis catheters, accessories
  • Red cell collection devices
  • Platelet collection devices
  • Plasma collection devices
  • Red cell freezing and thawing devices
  • Devices for the collection of platelets, red cells, plasma, and combinations of these, which also offer the possibility for therapeutic apheresis procedures
  • Devices for surgical blood salvage ("autotransfusion")
  • Beds
  • Stretchers
  • Wound therapy
  • Pulmonary therapy
  • Acute, home and community care products
  • Bariatric surgery equipment
  • Operating room furniture
  • Ostomy care: ostomy pouching systems, ostomy accessories
  • Continence care: femal urinary pouch, intermittent catheters, insertion kit, male urinary collection systems, night drainage collector, urinary leg bags, skin care
  • Bowel Management: bowel Management System, line of fecal collectors
  • Medication infusion systems
  • I.V. sets, solutions and irrigation
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Invasive monitoring systems
  • Sterilization systems based on a patented low temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma process as well as sterilizing/disinfecting solutions
  • Drug delivery technologies
  • Biopharmaceuticals. Monoclonal antibody technology and manufacturing
  • Circulatory disease management (incl. stents, balloons and catheters). Coronary applications, peripheral applications, neurological applications and eletrophysiology and medical sensor technology in endocardial procedures
  • Products for reconstructing damaged or diseased joints, repairing and reconstructing traumatic skeletal injuries, fusion of elements of the spine and correction of spinal deformities, and repairing bone fractures, surgical treatment of central nervous system disorders (eg. hydrocephalic shunt valve systems, implantable drug pumps and micro-surgical instrumentation)
  • E-business through the identification of web-enabled business models
  • Devices which facilitate precise wound closure and tissue repair, products which facilitate less invasive cardiac surgery, sports medicine (devices for treatment of soft tissue injuries), minimally invasive solutions for gynecological health problems, wound management (products for hemostasis, tissue regeneration and advanced wound care)
  • Avdanced surgical instruments for less invasive and traditional surgery, safety catheters for vascular access
  • Sunscreen and after-sun products
  • Products using innovative technologies to help meet the needs and desires of people with disabilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Baby and child care products, family first aid and home healthcare products, skin care products (eg. cleansers, astringents, moisturizers, acne treatments and body powders;
  • Glucose monitoring products (consisting of a portable electronic meter and reagent test strips for home and bedside monitoring)
  • Nutritional and dietary alternatives
  • Professional diagnostic products for hospital labratories, commercial clinical laboratories and blood donr centers. Products include reagents used in blood transfusions and blood screening, reagents and instrument systems for clinical chemistry
  • Baby toiletries
  • Oral health, women's health and sanitary protection products
  • Opthalmic lenses
  • Estracorporeal cell-based therapies for the prevention and treatment of serious immune-mediated and neoplastic diseases
  • Disposable contact lenses
  • Cochlear implant systems
  • Speech processors
  • Microphone tester
  • Activity cover
  • Audio adapter cable
  • Dino clips
  • Fitting and telemetry software
  • Surgical kit to aid with implantation: drilling burrs, templates, non-closing surgical forceps, surgical claw, insertion test device
  • Insertion test device
  • Diagnostic interface box
  • Evaluation of auditory responses of speech
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • Airway Suction Devices
  • Surgical Suction Devices
  • Thoracic Drainage Devices
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices
  • Fluid Collection Devices
  • Vacuum Assisted Delivery Devices
  • Phototherapy Devices
  • Breast Pumping Products
  • Breastmilk Collecting Products
  • Breastmilk Management Products
  • Breastmilk Feeding Products
  • Breast Care Products
  • Intimate Apparel Products
  • Heart Failure Management: Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT), Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD), OptiVol Fluid monitoring, leads and delivery systems, programmers
  • Arrhythmia Management: Pacemakers, leads, programmers, implantable loop recorders, electrophysiology, diagnostic and ablation catheters, mapping system
  • Emergency Response Systems: Manual and automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), accessories and monitors for Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and First Responders, Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) solutions, and data collection and communication equipment
  • Vascular: coronary stents, guiding catheters, balloon catheters, diagnostic catheters, guide wires, self-expanding peripheral stent system, renal stent system, Iliac stent system, temporary occlusion and aspiration system for Embolic Protection, carotid stent, abdominal stent graft system, thoracic stent graft system
  • Diabetes Management: insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring systems;
  • Gastroenterology: Sacral neuromodulation for urinary and bowel disorders, trans-urethral needle ablation for benign prostate hyperplasia, gastric neuromodulation for gastroparesis, implantable hydrogel prostheses for gastro esophageal reflux disease, pH-testing, esophageal manometry, anorectal function testing, biofeedback
  • Surgical navigation technologies: systems, applications and accessories for neurosurgery (advanced solutions for tumor resection, biopsy, functional neurosurgery, shunt placement and pediatrics), spinal surgery, (fusion, interbody and non fusion surgical procedural solutions, minimal access spine techniques, computer assisted orthopedic surgery (universal and implant specific solutions for joint reconstruction and minimal incision surgery procedures), trauma applications, long bone fractures, sacro-iliac screw placement, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) - FESS and lateral skull base surgery. Intraoperative MRI - The Polestar MRI system and associated accessories for cranial surgery
  • Neurology: intrathecal drug delivery, neurostimulation, surgical intervention or repair, gastric electrical stimulation, deep brain stimulation, Parkinson’s control therapy, insertable loop recorder, implantable drug infusion system
  • Oncology: hepatic arterial infusion
  • Pain management: intrathecal drug delivery
  • Spinal surgery: minimal access spinal technologies, spinal technologies, spinal systems, vertebral body reduction, spinal instrumentation
  • Urology/urogynecology: sacral nerve stimulation, minimally invasive lead therapy, urodynamic equipment
  • Surgical: single-use patient drapes and sets, surgical gowns, clean air suits, scrub suits, headware, face masks, surgical swabs
  • Procedure trays
  • Wound care: gauze, surgical dressings, fixation products
  • Diabetes care: injection devices, needles
  • Haemostasis: recombinent activated clotting factor VIIa, reconstitution kit
  • Growth hormone therapy: injection devices
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Spine: bone growth stimulator; spinal orthosis; pneumatic lumbar decompression
  • Orthopedic reconstruction products: hip (bone growth stimulator), foot & ankle (lengthening system, bone screws, pennig minifixator, bone growth stimulator, ankle arthrodesis, sheffield ring fixator, articulated ankle fixator, meta-diaphyseal fixator, periarticular hybrid fixator, XWire), hand & wrist (M2 multiplanar minirail, minirail fiaxator, bone srews, pennig minifixator, bone growth stimulator), biologics & bone growth stimulation (osteoconductive bone void filler, bone growth stimulation), pediatrics (guided growth system, internal lengthener, limb reconstruction system, multiplanar minirail, minirail fiaxator, sheffield ring fixator, articulated ankle fixator, meta-diaphyseal fixator, periarticular hybrid fixator, XWire), lenghtening & angular correction (guided growth system, internal lengthener, limb reconstruction system, bone srews, sheffield ring fixator, XWire)
  • Orthopedic trauma products: hip (percutaneous compression plating for pertochanteric hip fractures, pertochanteric fixator, bone growth stimulator, posterior reduction device), foot & ankle (fracture fixation system, pennig minifixator, bone growth stimulator, prefix fixator, sheffield ring fixator, articulated ankle fixator, bone screws, meta-diaphyseal fixator, periarticular hybrid fixator, XWire); hand & wrist (volar plating system, fracture fixation system, wrist fixator, pennig minifixator, bone growth stimulator), biologics & bone growth stimulation (osteoconductive bone void filler, bone growth stimulation), pediatrics (prefix fixator, sheffield ring fixator, articulated ankle fixator, meta-diaphyseal fixator, periarticular hybrid fixator, XWire), trauma (percutaneous compression plating for pertochanteric hip fractures, fracture fixation system, pennig minifixator, pertochanteric fixator, prefix fixator, wrist fixator, sheffield ring fixator, articulated ankle fixator, meta-diaphyseal fixator, periarticular hybrid fixator, XWire)
  • Vascular products: foot impulse technology
  • Sports medicine bracing products
  • Sports medicine pain management products
  • Compression and support treatment: support bandages, compression bandages, plaster of Paris and padding bandages
  • Opertating theatre products: X-ray detectable gauze sponges, theatre clothing, surgical gloves, disposable surgical draping systems Wound management: dressings (including the following materials: alginates, hydrogels, hydrocolloids)
  • Feminine hygiene: sanitary towels, panty liners, superabsorbant pads;
  • First Aid kits
  • Incontinence Management: absorbant pads
  • Diagnostics: clinical thermometers, blood pressure monitors
  • Baby care: disposable nappies
  • Patient care products: personal hygiene, examination gloves, procedure packs, maternity products, cotton sticks, tongue depressors, disposable forceps, disposal bags
  • Cosmetic cotton wool
  • Medical skin care products (cleansing, protection and care)
  • Diagnostic ECG: cardiographs, Holter monitoring, event monitoring, stress-test systems, ECG management solutions, clinical trial solutions
  • Cardiovascular X-Ray
  • Computed tomography: multislice CT, cardiac CT, interventional CT, detected oncology;
  • General X-Ray: radiography, universal R/F, mobile C-Arms;
  • Clinical IT
  • Cardiac and monitoring supplies: AED and AED/defib supplies, cables and leads, cardiac output supplies, compact patient monitors and accessories, electrodes, fetal monitors and supplies, gas monitoring supplies, invasive blood pressure supplies, hand-held pulse oximeter and accessories, non-invasive blood pressure supplies, Optigo point-of-care ultrasound and associated supplies and accessories, paper, point-of-care diagnostoc supplies, Spo2 sensors and accessories, stethoscopes (acoustic and electronic) and replacement parts, temperature probes
  • Defibrillators
  • Magnetic resonanance imaging
  • Nuclear medicine: gamma cameras
  • Patient monitoring: monitors, telemonitoring services
  • Position emission tomography: PET imaging, PET scanner
  • Point of care diagnostics: blood analysis portal
  • Radiation oncology systems: CT scanner, CT stimulation
  • Telemonitoring: telestation, services, software, blood pressure cuffs
  • Ultrasound
  • Healthcare: over-the-counter medication, heatwraps, water filtration systems
  • Oral care products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Baby care products: nappies, wipes, tissue
  • Sanitary pads
  • Incontinence products
  • neuro guide electrode introducer kit - allows verification of expected Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) electrode position relative to targeted anatomy using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • neuro mate stereotactic robot - provides a platform solution for a broad range of functional neurosurgical procedures
  • neuro inspire surgical planning software - allows advanced planning of targets and trajectories for stereotactic neurosurgery
  • Dental frameworks, abutments and implant bridges
  • RenDX RUO multiplex assay system
  • Hygiene products: away-from-home tissue (toilet tissue, handwiping products, napkins, wipers), consumer tissue (toilet tissue, kitchen rolls), incontinence products (nappies, pads), feminine hygiene (pads, panty liners, tampons)
  • Packaging
  • Orthopaedics: ultrasound bone healing system, knee systems, joint fluid therapy, intramedullary nails, hip systems
  • Endoscopy: bonecutter blades, digital 3-chip camera, varicos vein removal system, meniscal repair system
  • Wound management: dressings, adhesive gel sheets for scar treatment, wound debridement, hydro-selective wound dressings, hydrogel would dressing, film dressings, 4 layer bandage system, multi-layer compression bandage, temporary covering for burns
  • Airway management: percutaneous tracheostomy kits, tracheostomy tube kits, adult tracheostomy tubes, paediatric and neonatal tracheostomy tubes, Customised tracheostomy tube Services, tracheostomy Speciality, Sleep apnea tracheostomy tubes, laryngectomy tubes, tracheostomy tube accessories, voice restoration, portex soft seal laryngeal mask, intubation general, intubation specialist, intubation accessories, breathing systems accessories, suction devices, humidification, adaptors, connectors, O2 Therapy, adult manual resuscitators, paediatric and infant manual resusciators, hyperinflation systems, mouth-to-mask resuscitators, infants resuscitation tube set, resusciade, resuscitation tube
  • Ambulatory infusion: single and multi-therapy pumps, PCS pumps, communications systems, related disposables
  • Needle protection: hypodermic, venipuncture, regional anaesthesia, sharps containers, arterial blood sampling
  • Assisted reproduction: embryo replacement catheters, oocyte recovery systems, artificial insemination catheters, GIFT set
  • Obstetrics & gynaecology: amniocentesis needles, suresample endometrial sampler, cytospec single use speculum, portex ring pessaries, amniese
  • Critical care monitoring: hand-held and bedside monitoring, pulse oximetry, capnography, NIBP, apnoea, cardiac
  • Hospital infusion: bedside syringe pumps, volumetric infusion pumps, syringe drivers, related disposables
  • Pain management: regional anaesthesia systems, procedure trays, customised trays, epidural spinal and combined needles
  • Surgical drainage (chest, wound)
  • Temperature management: fluid warming, rapid infuser, normothermic irrigation, convective warming, temperature monitoring
  • Vascular access: GRIPPER needles, implantable ports, catheters, PICC lines
  • Cardiac resynchronisation therapy: ICDs, leads, catheters
  • Bradycardia products: suppression, pacing & sensors, pacemakers, programmers, pacing leads, biventricular
  • Tachycardia products: ICDs, ICD leads, ICD programmers
  • Electrophysiology: introducers, catheters
  • Cardiology and vascular access: introducers, catheters, vascular closure devices
  • Mechanical valves
  • Tissue valves: stentless tissue valves, stented tissue valves, allografts
  • Repair products
  • Coronary artery bypass connectors
  • Joint replacement: hips (acetabular systems, hip stems, revision system, cable system), knees (patello-femoral system, unicompartimental system, total knee system, global modular replacment system), upper extremities (total shoulder system, toal elbow system), bone cement (bone cement, mixing system)
  • Trauma: external fixation products, intramedullary nails, extramedullary internal fixation system, hip fracture
  • Spine: anterial cervical plating system, ray threaded fusion cage (interbody), occipito-cervico-thoracic system, thoracolumbar spinal system, thoracolumbar anterior system, thoracolumbar spiral radius
  • Micro implants: fixation system, micro dissection needle, microdebrider, hand fixation and reconstruction modular system
  • Orthobiologics: bone cement, allograft tissue
  • Instruments: surgical power tools (micro power tools, heavy duty power tools), pain management pump, waste management system, personal protection system
  • Interventional pain: percutaneous disectomy, percutaneous cement delivery
  • Navigation: cart system, wireless instrumentation
  • Endoscopy: high definition camera, video accessories, interface screws, suture anchor, shaver handpiece, laparoscopy, integrated operating room
  • Communications: video network hub, booms and lights
  • Patient handling equipment: motorized stretcher, pediatric crib, stretchers, critical care bed, mde/surg bed, overbed tables and bedside stands
  • EMS equipment: ambulance cot (X-frame, roll-in), stair chairs
  • Short term vascular access: peripheral intravenous catheters (straight/with wings, with wings & injection port), obturator, winged infusion sets (conventional type/with protector);
  • Hypodermic needles, syringes (2-part/3-part)
  • Insulin syringes
  • Dental needles
  • Closed urinary drainage bags, closed urinary sampling bags
  • Digital clinical thermomethers
  • Examination gloves
  • Regional anesthesia: epidural needles/catheters, spinal needles
  • Infusion therapy: infusion pumps, syringe pump, syringe pumps TIVA/TCI, strack
  • Key pack needles
  • Autodisposable syringes
  • Sharp injury protection
  • Selected angiography: guide wires (standard/stiff/micro vessels) micro guide wires, introducer kits, global catheters, visceral catheters, optitorque visceral, cerebral catheters, peripheral catheters, microcatheters (SP/leggiero/ progreat)
  • Diagnostic cardiology: introducer kits (coated/radial), optitorque (coronary/tripack/pentapack), outlook
  • Interventional cardiology: PTCA guide wire, PTCA hydrophilic guide wire, PTCA dilatation catheters, coronary stent, guiding catheters
  • Special accessories
  • Blood collection tubes: blood banking, coagulation, glucose, glucose/alcohol, haemotology, heparin, heparin (gel), sedimentation, serum (emergency, gel, bilirubin), urin, venoject glass (bloodbanking, coagulation, glucose, glucose alcohol, heparin, sedimentation, serum - emergency/gel), venoject plastic (coagulation, glucose, haematology, heparin (gel), sedimentation, serum - gel), venosafe (coagulation, glucose, haematology, heparin (gel), sedimentation, serum - (gel/emergency), urin), capiject (glucose, haematology, heparin - gel, serum - gel/bilirubin)
  • Blood collection systems: needles multi-/single-sampling, luer adapters, winged blood sampling sets
  • Blood collection accessories: holders venosafe, holders venoject II, holders pediatric, piercing caps, reclosing caps
  • Arterial blood sampling system: preza pack syringes
  • Teruflex blood bags: single bags, double bags, triple bags, quadruple bags, penta blood bags, plasmapheresis, transfer bags, sagm triple, sagm quadruple, empty bags, BP kit w/o SP, platelet storage bags, aliquot bags
  • Blood bag system with in line leukocite removal filter
  • Leukocyte removal filters
  • Transfusion processing equipment: TSCD, SCD IIB, SCD & TSCA wafers, T-ACE, T-RAC;
  • Perfusion products: capiox SX oxygenator, capiox RX oxygenator, capiox BABY-RX oxygenator, capiox reservoirs, sarns reservoirs, sarns cardioplegia sets w/PVC coil, sarns cardioplegia sets with conducer heat, echanger, centrifugal pump heads, capiox arterial filters, pall arterial filter paediatric, pall arterial filters, pall arterial filter autovent, pall leucocyte reduction filter, pall leukogard RS, pall leucocyte reduction filter for blood cardioplegia, pall filter for crystalloid cardioplegia, pall pre-bypass plus filter, holder for pall filter, pall gas line filter, pall lipiguard transfusion filter for salvaaged blood, pall blood transfusion filter, hemoconcentrators
  • Cannulae & catheters: sarns arterial cannulae, L series arterial cannulae, sarns two-stage venous return catheters, L series two-stage venous return catheters, sarns vena cava catheters, L series vena cava catheters, sarns cardioplegia cannulae, L series coronary cannulae, sarns vent catheters, L series vent catheters, suction devices
  • Sternum saws
  • Pumping systems
  • Monitoring parameter systems
  • IVUS Imaging: imaging catherter, intravascular ultrasound system, pull back device, IVUS imaging catheter, IVUS investigational device
  • Functional measurement: pressure guide wire, pressure system, Doppler guide wire, pressure instrument, advanced technologies intravascular thermography
  • Vascular and endovascular products: bifurcated endoprosthesis, vascular graft, stretch vascular graft, cardiovascular patch, tunneler, suture, vascular graft configured for pediatric shunt;
  • Interventional: endoprosthesis (biliary, bifurcated, thoracic), septal occluder;
  • General surgery: staple line reinforcement material, bioabsorbable materiel, biomaterial, suture, suture passer
  • Cardiothoracic products: staple line reinforcement material, septal occluder, cardiovascular patch, stretch vascular graft, pericardial membrane, suture for Chordae
  • Tendineae, suture, vascular graft configured for pediatric shunt
  • Head and neck products: MVP Dura substitute, subcutaneous augmentation material, suture
  • Oral health: regenerative membrane, suture, regnerative membrane titanium reinforced
  • Orthopaedic products: cast liner, protective strip, protective liner, crucial tool
  • Biologics: Osteogenic Grafting Solutions (CUSTOM bone graft putty, DR graft, injectable putty, injectable cellular scaffold, 2 DBM bone graft substitute with bioassayed DBM), Synthetic Grafting Solutions (TCP synthetic cancellous bone, minimally-invasive injectable graft, high strength injectable graft for compression fractures, bone graft substitute, injectors, resorbable bead kit, resorbable mini-bead kit), Advanced Membrane Technology (Regenerative tissue matrix - hand surgery, regenerative tissue matrix - ulcer repair, rotator cuff tendon reinforcement scaffold)
  • Extremities: Distal Radius (distal radius plating system, VLS distal radius system, intramedullary radius fixation, percutaneous access colles technologies), Shoulder and Trauma (total shoulder system), Upper Extremity Implants (ulnar head prosthesis, active / passive tendon implants, ceramic spherical interpositional implants, finger joint implants, wrist joint implants, titanium basal thumb implants, titanium carpal lunate implants titanium carpal scaphoid implants, titanium radial head implants, trapezium implants, trapezium implant), Lower Extremity Implants (great toe implants, STA-Peg subtalar implants, flexible hinge toe implants, titanium great toe implants, hammertoe implants), Foot & Ankle System (compression staple, high-demand compression screw, MTP fusion plate, multi-use compression screw, quick staple, snap-off screw); dvanced Membrane Technology (total regenerative tissue matrix), Elbow (modular radial head system, radial head plate, total elbow system)
  • Hips: Minimally-Invasive (tissue preserving initiative), Resurfacing (femoral surface replacement), Hard Bearings - Acetabulum (total hip system with BFH&trade, technology, acetabular cup system (ceramic), acetabular cup system (metal)), acetabular systems (acetabular cup system, acetabular cup system (polyethylene)), Femoral Stems - Non-cemented (HA coated stems, plasma spray stems, RS stems, E hip stems, hip stems, total hip system, Z hip stems), Femoral Stems - Cemented (stems, IMC stems, PDA calcar replacement stems, RS stems), Femoral Stems - Cemented and Cementless (PDA stems, slim neck, total hip system), revision systems (revision prosthesis)
  • Knees: Unicompartmental Knee System; Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty (double-high knee system, medial-pivot total knee system, posterior stabilized total knee systems, total knee systems, total knee systems); Revision Knee Arthroplasty (revision knee system, stemmed medial-pivot knee)
  • Oncology: Modular Expandable (distal femur, proximal femur, proximal tibia, revision hinge, total Fémur), Noninvasive Expandable (expandable technology)
  • Joint replacement: knees, hips, elbows, shoulders
  • Spine/trauma
  • Orthopaedic surgical products: autotransfusion, knee immobilizers, softgoods, traction, tourniquets, and wound-debridement and wound-drainage
  • Minimaly invasive solutions

National Associations

The association membership of Eucomed consists of associations representing the interests of the national medical device industry in European countries and consists of the following associations:

  • ABHI - United Kingdom

    The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) is the trade association for medical device technology in the UK. Members produce everything from latex gloves to life support machines.
    » Download the ABHI poster » Visit the ABHI website
  • AFPM - Romania

    AFPM, the Romanian Medical Products Suppliers Association, is a non profit organisation that strives to protect the interests, promote and coordinate the scientific activities of the affiliated companies. AFPM member companies cover over 80% of the medical products market and the organization is in constant growth.
    » Visit the AFPM website
  • AMDM - Hungary

    AMDM, the Hungarian association of Medical Devices Manufacturers was established in October 1997. It represents 58 members, manufacturers and traders of orthopaedic instruments, orthopaedic shoes, medical aids, disposable products, medical instruments, medical-electronic products, bandage materials, and instruments of stoma therapy.
    » Download the AMDM poster » Visit the AMDM website
  • APORMED - Portugal

    APORMED - Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Dispositivos Médicos is, since 1990 when it was created, the main association representing the Medical Technology industry in Portugal. Its main objectives include coordination of all common issues of importance to its members, seeking a consensus among them, and, when appropriate, defending their interests at national government and other authorities levels; promotion of good business principles and practices among its members.
    » Download the APORMED poster » Visit the APORMED website

    Assobiomedica, established in October 1984, is the Italian Association gathering the companies dealing with all biomedical products and technologies, in the area of Healthcare, including diagnostic products, but excluding medicinal products. Assobiomedica represents and safeguards the interests of biomedical and diagnostic companies in front of health authorities, public administration, scientific research boards and technical and professional associations.
    » Download the ASSOBIOMEDICA poster » Visit the ASSOBIOMEDICA website
  • AUSTROMED - Austria

    Austromed, the association of medical device manufacturers and suppliers in Austria represents more than 100 members covering the entire range of medical devices. Founded in 1981 it was amalgamated in 2002 with IMFÖ, another Austrian association, and is now the lead trade association in the Austrian medical device market.

    » Download the AUSTROMED poster » Visit the AUSTROMED website
  • BAMDE - Bulgaria

    Bulgarian Association of Medical Devices Entrepreneurs (BAMDE) is the face of medical technology and industry in Bulgaria, established on February 16th, 2006. It represents approximately 40 companies representing in Bulgaria almost all major world producers.

    » Visit the BAMDE website
  • BVMED - Germany

    BVMed, the German Medical Technology Association, represents about 230 manufacturers and service providers of medical devices. The medical technology industry in Germany amounts to 18 billion Euro and employs more than 100,000 people. BVMed represents the entire range of medical technologies, including wound management products, technical aids such as ostomy and incontinence products or bandages, plastic disposable items such as syringes, catheters and cannulae, as well as the implant field of intraocular lenses, hip, knee, shoulder and spinal implants, pacemakers and defibrillators and even artificial hearts.
    » Download the BVMED poster » Visit the BVMED website
  • CZECHMED - Czech Republic

    CzechMed - The Czech Association of Medical Device Suppliers is an interest association of corporate bodies. It was founded in 1998 with the following objectives: to contribute to the increase of health care in the Czech Republic through the products of its members; to increase the awareness of medical devices, particularly among professionals, but also among the lay public; and through its initiative to find solutions of potential issues in given area.
    » Download the CZECHMED poster » Visit the CZECHMED website

    Unifying the diversified interests of over 190 member companies in 26 countries, EDANA is the International Association Serving the Nonwovens and Related Industries. EDANA represents, protects and actively promotes the common interests of nonwovens and absorbent hygiene product industries and their suppliers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Formed in 1971, as the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association, EDANA provides a comprehensive range of services and it supplies its members with the information and data necessary for them to enhance the industry goals and performance.
    » Visit the EDANA website
  • FASMED - Switzerland

    Fasmed is the Swiss medical technology industry association. Founded in 2000, Fasmed represents over 200 medical technology companies based in Switzerland.
    » Visit the FASMED website
  • FENIN - Spain

    FENIN is the Spanish Association of Medical Technology Companies, a national organisation representing manufacturers, importers and distributors of Medical Technology (excluding medicinal products) supplying the Spanish healthcare institutions. Its task is to coordinate, represent, manage, develop and defend the general and common interests of its members. Fenin represents big, medium and small size companies, national and multinational, covering hospital equipment ranging from prosthesis (implants), diagnostic, monitoring and many others.
    » Download the FENIN poster » Visit the FENIN website
  • FHI - Netherlands

    FHI is the Dutch Federation of Technology branches.
    » Visit the FHI website
  • IMDA - Ireland

    The Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA) is the business association within IBEC for the Medical Devices and Diagnostics sector. Currently, IMDA has 150 members, located throughout the island of Ireland. IMDA is a proactive membership organisation. Its broad focus is to promote and support an environment that encourages the sustainable development and profitable growth of our multinational and indigenous medical device and diagnostic companies.
    » Download the IMDA poster » Visit the IMDA website

    Medicoindustrien is the industry organisation of companies in Denmark which develop, manufacture, sell or otherwise take an interest in CE-marked medical devices. Medicoindustrien was founded on 22 June 2001 by a merger of DMDA and Kirumed. Today, the association has 141 member companies. Medicoindustrien's object is to promote the commercial and political interests of its member companies.

    » Download the MEDICOINDUSTRIEN poster » Visit the MEDICOINDUSTRIEN website
  • Medtek Norway - Norway

    The Norwegian Association of Medical Suppliers (Leverandørforeningen for Helsesektoren) is a professional organization serving suppliers of technical medical equipment, medical disposables, technical aids for the functionally disabled, workshops for modification of motor vehicles for the functionally disabled, orthopeadic products and hearing aids.

    » Download the Medtek Norway poster » Visit the Medtek Norway website
  • NEFEMED - Netherlands

    Nefemed is the Dutch Federation of manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical products. Nefemed represents, with its 55 members and a global turnover of more than €1 billion, a significant part of the medical products market.

    » Download the NEFEMED poster » Visit the NEFEMED website
  • POLMED - Poland

    POLMED is the biggest and most representative organization on the polish market of medical devices. Due to the main statutory foundations POLMED represents its members' matters to the government, self-governing bodies and social institutions. POLMED presents the opinion regarding the economy practices and projects of legal acts to all mentioned organs. The chamber also provides training, information and advisory activities. POLMED supports its members in all matters regarding medical market, legal solutions and helps to determine the conditions of social availability to the medical devices.
    » Download the POLMED poster » Visit the POLMED website
  • SAI-LAB - Finland

    SAI-LAB is the Finnish association of Laboratory and Healthcare product suppliers
    » Download the SAI-LAB poster » Visit the SAI-LAB website
  • SBA

    The Sterile Barrier Association is an influential trade organisation for companies who produce sophisticated barrier materials, sterilisation systems and processing equipment for the medical industry allowing single use medical devices and products to be sterilised and then to maintain that sterility up to the point of use. The mission of the SBA is to be the recognised expert association in the healthcare industry, promoting the use of and providing education on the most suitable single use sterile barrier systems to ensure patient safety.
    » Visit the SBA website
  • SEIV - Greece

    SEIV is the Greek Medical Devices Association.

    » Visit the SEIV website
  • SK-MED - Slovakia

    SK-Med is the Slovak Medical Devices Association
    » Visit the SK-MED website
  • SLO-MED - Slovenia

    SLO-Med is the Slovenian Medical Devices Association

    » Visit the SLO-MED website
  • SNITEM - France

    SNITEM is a professional organization governed by the French Act of 1884 providing for the creation of trade associations. Set up in 1987, it draws together the greater part of the medical technologies and devices industry. It is the first employer's association in France to represent companies in this business sector and is the representative the authorities liaise with and refer to.
    » Download the SNITEM poster » Visit the SNITEM website
  • SPECTARIS - Germany

    SPECTARIS is the German industry association for the high-tech medium-sized business sector and representative body in the areas of medical technology, optical technologies and analytical, biological, laboratory, and ophthalmic devices. Innovation and growth characterize the different industry sectors and their 235,000 strong workforce. Technologies developed here are used in almost all branches of industry, making them an important motor for the German economy.

    SPECTARIS pools the interests of around 400 member companies from Germany, associated in four different sector-specific associations. Through its political activities, public relations and industry marketing, the association gives its members a voice, formulates new responsibilities and opens up new markets. This ensures the international competitiveness of German industry in these sectors and thus safeguards locations and jobs.

    » Visit the SPECTARIS website

    Swedish Medtech is the organisation of the Swedish medical devices suppliers. Included among its members are both large and small companies, manufacturers and importers, international subsidiaries, public and private corporations, agencies, development companies and logistics providers. In addition to products, member companies are increasingly involved in providing services. Maintenance and medical staff training are also important facets of their activities.
    » Download the SWEDISH MEDTECH poster » Visit the SWEDISH MEDTECH website
  • UNAMEC - Belgium

    UNAMEC is the Belgian Trade Association representing companies which manufacture, sell and distribute medical devices.
    » Download the UNAMEC poster » Visit the UNAMEC website

Associate National Associations

The associate national association membership of Eucomed consists of other associations related to our industry which do not fall under the category of National Associations. This category consists of the following members:

  • ARTED - Turkey

    ARTED is the Turkish "Research Based Medical Technology Manufacturers' Association" and was established in 2009. The association currently represents 10 members and strongly focuses on compliance with business ethics, stronger relationships within the industry, representation of industry and improving patient access to innovative medical technology in Turkey.
    » Visit the ARTED website

    The European Association of the Surgical Suture Industry e.V. (EASSI) was founded in 2006. It resulted from the German Association of the Surgical Suture Industry e.V. which, for its part, was founded already in the year 1970.

    EASSI presently comprises 19 European manufacturers from Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The member companies are the only representation of the manufacturers of “sterile surgical sutures or surgical meshes made from materials that may also be utilised in the composition and manufacture of surgical sutures”.

  • IMEDA - Russia

    IMEDA (International Medical Device Manufacturers Association) is the medical device industry trade association uniting global leaders in medical devices working in the Russian market. IMEDA represents the interest of the medical technology industry in Russia and cooperates with the parliament, government and other public bodies. The main priority of the association is to establish an environment within the Russian Federation that will bring the Russian market closer to the best global practices and increase the accessibility of medical technologies to the Russian population.
    » Visit the IMEDA website
  • IPQ - Switzerland

    IPQ was founded in 1998 in Switzerland to support life science companies on subjects related to quality management and regulatory affairs activities. By organising conferences, workshops, task forces and seminars, IPQ and its Focus Groups are strengthening and enhancing knowledge in the life science industry in Switzerland. IPQ wants to help SMEs create and develop an appropriate quality and regulatory environment within their companies to accomplish the requirements set by the relevant bodies and to provide “state of the art” technologies to people in Switzerland and worldwide.
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  • MECOMED - Middle East

    Mecomed members, being the voice of Medical Device and Equipment companies operating in the Middle East, recognize that adherence to ethical standards and compliance to applicable laws are critical to the industry's ability to continue its collaboration with healthcare professionals.

    Mecomed is committed to help healthcare professionals to get the most innovative, reliable and cost effective medical technologies and related services, and to facilitate patient access to the highest standards of care.

    Mecomed has 16 members.

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