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Why become a member of Eucomed?

Eucomed provides the voice of the medical technology industry in Europe. It represents some 25,000 business entities in the world’s second largest medical technology market with a market size which is estimated at roughly € 100 billion. The industry covers a vast range of technologies, from the simplest syringes or bandages, through wheelchairs and hearing aids, to high-tech cardiac implants and dialysis machines. As a respected and credible trade association, we have broad expertise which we can bring to bear, on both horizontal issues impacting the whole Industry, and on vertical issues concerning a specific sector.

Who does Eucomed represent?

Eucomed members come from the full range of medical technology manufacturers and representation, including:

  • National trade associations
  • Pan-European product associations
  • Large multinational manufacturers of all types of medical technology
  • SMEs
  • Academic start-ups

The association currently holds 27 National Industry Associations, 5 Associate National Associations71 direct Corporate Members and 6 Associate Corporate Members.

Who can become a Eucomed member?

Any national association, or any company with at least one manufacturing facility in Europe is welcome to become a Eucomed member, as are start-up ventures.

Why do medical technology companies need EU Representation?

Because an increasing number of decisions that impact the European business environment for the medical technology industry are made at EU level or influenced by the EU. To fully understand the potential impact of these decisions, and to have effective input into the policymaking process requires relevant expertise and knowledge. Eucomed, with its internal competences and extensive knowledge of, and partnerships with, key European institutions, decision-makers and processes, can provide members with invaluable guidance.

In addition, members can benefit from a strong industry presence at a global level; Eucomed can provide the European voice at the appropriate forums. The Eucomed team can also offer essential support to members’ European business operations and make sure that your interests are represented at a European policy level.

For more information on Eucomed membership, please contact:

Christopher Breyel
Manager Membership Services & Events
T: +32 2 761 22 84
M: +32 492 73 31 82

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