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Ethical Business Logo: Get the logo

The Eucomed Ethical Business Logo can be obtained by both members and non-members of Eucomed.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Compliance Questionnaire, available upon request at
  • Return the completed Compliance Questionnaire and supporting documents to
    (click here to find out which supporting documents you will need to provide and other FAQ)
  • The Questionnaire and supporting documents will be reviewed by the Eucomed Secretariat, and if the
    application is approved, the License Agreements will be sent for signature by both parties. The licensing fee
    should be paid by the prospective participant.


The annual license fee for the logo is based on global annual turnover, according to the following guidelines:

All certified companies have to renew their certification on a yearly basis and update, if necessary, the information provided in the previous year. Eucomed impartially and systematically selects 20% of the Logo’s licensed member companies for yearly review. This review process is independently overseen by one of the Big Four global accounting firms, who performs a quality review of Eucomed’s compliance verification.

How your company can use the logo

The logo may be used on print or electronic materials (such as annual reports, conference banners and signs, business cards, and other stationery), and the company’s website. However, the logo cannot be used in a manner or associated with text implying Eucomed has endorsed or approved any products, technology, or individual compliance plans or practices.