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The Eucomed Ethical Business Logo


The next step in MedTech compliance

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) serve as an essential source of innovation and creativity in the development of new medical technology and play an instrumental role in the successful use and adoption of this technology throughout Europe and beyond.

The integrity of our healthcare systems depends on maintaining the highest ethical standards in HCP interactions throughout the medical technology supply chain.

The Eucomed Ethical Business logo is a symbol borne by medical technology companies, distributors and other healthcare organisations to visibly demonstrate their commitment to embrace and go beyond the principles of the Eucomed Code for Ethical Business Practice

Building a circle of trust in European MedTech

The Eucomed Ethical Business Logo is a voluntary expression of commitment made by manufacturers, healthcare organisations and third parties such as distributors and professional conference organisers to uphold the highest ethical standards institutionally, as well as in interactions with healthcare stakeholders.

With a certification process designed with the support of one of the Big Four global accounting firms, the Logo is an indispensable sign to patients, authorities, HCPs and supply chain partners that you are serious about compliance.



A company or organisation that uses the Logo commits not only, as do all members of Eucomed, to the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice, but must also implement the following three criteria:

  • Establishing and implementing within the organisation written policies and procedures consistent with the provisions of the Eucomed Code;
  • Appointing a senior contact person within the organisation responsible for compliance with the organisation’s written internal policies and procedures and for transposing the Code internally;
  • Providing regular, comprehensive training to employees on the principles laid out in the Code.

Companies using the logo

  • Microport
  • Stryker

This Logo does not certify that the company has an effective compliance programme under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act or any other legislation.