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Education & Training

This page offers you various educational and training materials, including the Eucomed Ethics Learning Tool, as well as a list of events, conferences and training programmes to improve your healthcare compliance skills.

Ethics Learning Tool

The Ethics Learning Tool is designed for members and non-members of Eucomed (e.g. distributors, agents) in order to test and improve their knowledge and understanding of the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice and get certified.

The Solving Company, in collaboration with Eucomed, has launched an updated version of the E-Learning tool on the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.

You can access the e-learning tools here. Price for all three modules in 46 Euro (VAT excluded).

These updated E-Learning courses are more dynamic, effective and interactive for the users. Thanks to a new layout and professional speakers, users gain a better understanding on the subject. Furthermore, the E-learning courses run on a new system that is intuitive and simple to use.Instructions for use:To enter each E-Learning module, the user is asked to register, and will then be able to purchase the respective course modules. Full price list is available upon registration (group discounts available).

Learning and training opportunities