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What we offer

Eucomed is structured to meet your policy needs

As a Eucomed member, you will have access to:

  • Relevant market, product and regulatory information
  • Quality networking opportunities within the industry and with policy makers
  • Dialogue with the National Associations in all EU Member States and beyond, enabling you to reach local regulators and authorities
  • Forums to share and discuss ideas with industry colleagues, build consensus and express its opinions effectively helping to shape the public policy and legislative environment
  • Opportunities and platforms to profile the image of the sector with stakeholders
  • Support in addressing both "horizontal" issues likely to impact the entire Medical Technology Industry as well as sector-specific issues, such as orthopaedic or cardiovascular sectors, and tissue-engineered products

Eucomed is able to offer these services because of its complementary structure. It combines a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Secretariat team, in combination with a network of specialist groups drawn from key industry experts nominated by the Members. The organisation offers first-class project management and highly efficient internal and external communications. We provide regular electronic newsletters and publications specifically designed to meet your needs. We also maintain a frequently updated website to inform both stakeholders and the public of the importance of the sector and the issues it faces.

We understand your business

Eucomed is dedicated to solving or mitigating policy-related problems on behalf of the medical technology industry, and to also ensure that the industry’s input is heard in all appropriate forums and consultations. Whether you are a manufacturer of high-volume consumables, capital-intensive machinery or marketers of leading-edge diagnostic services and new concepts, Eucomed can provide invaluable strategic insights for your business. We work actively towards providing our members with the opportunity to operate, innovate and market more freely in an open and competitive business environment.

Membership offers numerous benefits

Participation in an extensive network
Eucomed is the leading European medical technology industry network; it represents over 4,500 companies across Europe via its national associations and direct corporate membership. It provides a series of forums where industry can exchange ideas and build consensus.

The power to shape industry positioning on key issues
Eucomed’s expert groups develop the industry positions on the increasing number of EU decisions that impact the European medical technology industry. By joining Eucomed, you have the opportunity to input into industry thinking on key issues.

Enhanced Dialogue with Decision-Makers
Recognised by the European Institutions as the voice of the medical technology sector, Eucomed is uniquely placed to inform policy-making. With its extensive knowledge of, and partnerships with, key EU decision-makers, Eucomed also represents the views of the sector on the European stage.

Increased insight and political intelligence
Via Eucomed, you receive rapid, privileged access to relevant market, product and regulatory information. The knowledgeable and experienced Eucomed secretariat also provides efficient member communications and information services via a range of channels.

Stronger together

Thanks in no small part to Eucomed’s work, our Industry currently operates in a regulatory and economic environment in Europe that encourages research and development and rewards innovation.

If the industry is to continue to drive innovation, maintain its current growth and bring benefits to citizens and healthcare systems, then this momentum must continue. Our success and that of Europe’s competitiveness, depends upon it. Through active membership of Eucomed, you can help shape that future.

The larger the number and range of companies and interests Eucomed represents, the stronger the voice of the medical technology industry in Europe will become, and the greater the value we can provide to all our Members.

Services to our members

Eucomed is active in the following spheres:

  • Market Access and Economic Policies; including market data collection, health economics, funding and reimbursement, health technology assessment and new trends (homecare). Read more...
  • Regulatory affairs; including vertical legislation (such as medical devices directives and advanced products regulation), horizontal legislation (e.g. environmental) and standards. Read more...
  • Science and innovation; including medical nanotechnology and other emerging technologies, research and innovation projects. Read more...
  • International affairs; including global regulatory harmonization (GHTF), relations with the US, Japan, China and India. Read more...
  • Ethics; including enforcement of the Eucomed Code of Business Practice. Read more...
  • Public affairs; including outreach to and relations with the European institutions and the Member States. Read more...
  • Communications and external relations; including partnerships with patient groups and medical associations, events, publications and media relations. Read more...