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About us

Eucomed represents the medical technology industry in Europe. Our mission is to make modern, innovative and reliable medical technology available to more people.

Eucomed members include both national and pan-European trade and product associations as well as medical technology manufacturers. In total we represent around 25,000 designers, manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of disease and disability.

The industry we represent employs more than 575,000 people, with a market size that is estimated at roughly € 100 billion in Europe and encompasses more than 500,000 different medical technologies from sticking plasters and wheel chairs through to pacemakers and replacement joints.

Eucomed promotes a balanced policy environment that enables our industry to meet the growing healthcare needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We maintain a close dialogue with them and demonstrate the value of medical technology through health-economic research, data collection, membership services and clear communications.

Our secretariat comprises some 30 experts who are in continuous contact with EU stakeholders, and we and our members are committed to ensure that fundamental collaboration with healthcare professionals adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards. The three key platforms of our work are to:

Promote a balanced policy environment

Eucomed engages with European regulators, politicians and other policymakers to develop and propose patient-centered policies that enable people to live healthy and productive lives and provide solutions that significantly drive the productivity and efficiency of healthcare systems.

We achieve this through regular meetings with Commissioners, Director Generals and Directors in the EU Directorates General responsible for Health and Consumers; Enterprise and Industry; Research & Innovation; and Communications Networks, Content & Technology.

Demonstrate the value of medical technology

We use health-economic research to demonstrate the value of medical technology and organise a range of initiatives to explain its value. We bring together stakeholders in order to discuss trends, issues and opportunities and each year Eucomed organises the MedTech Forum, the largest health and industry policy conference in Europe, to discuss and engage with stakeholders on common topics of interest. We also use a range of tools and channels to enable us to communicate quickly and effectively with stakeholders, partners and members.

Providing membership services

Eucomed comprises over 65 expert groups dealing with a wide range of issues including regulatory, economic, public, international and legal affairs. We also represent a number of sector groups such as Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular, Orthopaedics, Advanced Wound Care and Community Care.

The association regularly organises meetings and events that enable members to determine and shape industry positions on key issues, and we offer trainings and workshops on subjects such as compliance certification, health economics, reimbursement, procurement and HTA to support members in their daily business. Eucomed also collects and provides members with privileged and reliable data on a wide variety of issues thereby enabling them to make informed marketing decisions.